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Although not exactly new, the Sherblato has gained popularity after its cultivators expended in other states in America. It is a Californian-grown strain with creamy, berry aroma and flavor. This strain comes from a cross between the Sherbert and Gelato strains, closely relative to the Sherbacio. Additionally, it has a lineage consisting of Pink Panties, GSC, and Sunset Sherbert, giving it a tart or citrusy profile.

As for the effects, Sherblato leaves a feeling of calmness and instantly make anyone feel great. It also has a buzzy and tingly sensation minus the lounging for hours in the bed or the couch. This strain is perfect for those who need a lift from a busy day, or a relief from discomfort due to illnesses.

Sherblato is becoming anyone’s favorite for the euphoric feels with less anxiety and causing no dry mouth. The only downside is, it makes a user hungry and craving for food. Overall, the strain is energizing and calming, even suited for both beginner or frequent users.

The strain is widely available in California, but it also reached Colorado, Illinois, and other states. Although not a lot of dispensaries carry this specific strain, it’s possible to pre-order and wait until delivery’s made.

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Sherblato *SALE* $180 OZ

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